Pet Waste Receptacle


Kill the flies that are biting your dog with our fly trap pre-installed in this pet waste container.


    • One Pet Waste Receptacle Bin (1.6 Gallon)
    • One Garbage Can Fly Trap (pre-installed as shown)
    • Two Cartridges

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    This is kind of gross but we are in the business of killing flies…

    We had the opportunity recently to test the Garbage Can Fly Trap in a way that we haven’t been able to yet.  A friend of ours went on vacation and she asked us to take care of her little terrier while she was away.  As I’m sure you are aware, if you have a dog, you have dog poo.  And if you have dog poo then you have flies.  Well, we used a miniature garbage can with a Garbage Can Fly Trap installed in the lid as a pet waste receptacle.  Below are the results after the first week in our back yard.  We were thrilled with the results and we know you will be too!