How It Works

Flies land on things you never want to set foot in, though you probably have, then they land on your food! Yuck! That's why we invented the Garbage Can Fly Trap. It doesn’t require chemical attractants, the use of unsightly fly strips or chasing flies with a swatter!

The Garbage Can Fly Trap uses a fly's natural attraction to your garbage to capture and kill it.  There is a small hole in the center of the trap (under the quick-release button) that flies believe will give them access to the interior of your garbage can, and it does, but there is a flypaper-lined trap waiting for them!

Quick-Release Button

When the trap is full, simply push the quick-release button on the lid and the trap full of dead flies falls directly into your trash - you never have to touch a trap full of dead flies.  

Cartridge Replacement

Then, simply snap on a replacement cartridge and you are ready to catch more flies!


The Garbage Can Fly Trap can be installed in the lid of most any garbage can, kitchen and curbside.  Installation requires about 3 seconds to drill a hole and about 4 more to snap the Garbage Can Fly Trap into place.  A 1.5 inch hole saw can be purchased from any hardware store and used with a drill as seen in the video below.


Fruit Fly Trap

Use our Fruit Fly Trap to capture and kill hundreds of fruit flies.  Simply bait the jar with red wine vinegar or your left over wine and let the trap do the rest.  We have caught as many as 200 fruit flies in 2 days when the custodian forgot to take out the trash over the weekend.  We came into the office on Monday and there were fruit flies everywhere.  Two days later we had caught them all!  The disposable cartridges hold approximately 400 fruit flies before needing to be discarded.

The screen has been removed in the image below in order to let you see how effective the cartridges are.  The cartridge is lined with flypaper which prevents the fruit flies from getting away after they enter the cartridge.




This is kind of gross but we are in the business of killing flies…

We had the opportunity recently to test the Garbage Can Fly Trap in a way that we haven’t been able to yet.  A friend of ours went on vacation and she asked us to take care of her little terrier while she was away.  As I’m sure you are aware, if you have a dog, you have dog poo.  And if you have dog poo then you have flies.  Well, we used a miniature garbage can with a Garbage Can Fly Trap installed in the lid as a pet waste receptacle.  Below are the results after the first week in our back yard.  We were thrilled with the results and we know you will be too!