Fruit Fly Trap


Get rid of the fruit flies in your kitchen with our fruit fly trap pre-installed in this mason jar.


  • One Mason Jar
  • One Garbage Can Fly Trap (pre-installed)
  • Two Cartridges

To order, simply select the "Fruit Fly Trap" Quick Link at the bottom of the page or select the "Products" tab above.

Use this Mason Jar with the Garbage Can Fly Trap pre-installed to capture and kill hundreds of fruit flies.  Simply bait the jar with red wine vinegar or your left over wine and let the trap do the rest.  We have caught as many as 200 fruit flies in 2 days when the custodian forgot to take out the trash over the weekend.  We came into the office on Monday and there were fruit flies everywhere.  Two days later we had caught them all!  The disposable cartridges hold approximately 400 fruit flies before needing to be discarded.

The screen has been removed in the image below in order to let you see how effective the cartridges are.  The cartridge is lined with flypaper which prevents the fruit flies from getting away after they enter the cartridge.