Q1.  "Is this design going to capture fruit flies and prohibit them from flying back out the entry hole?" (Matthew, United States)

     A1.  The Garbage Can Fly Trap catches both, house flies and fruit flies.  Once they go all the way in they are not coming back out because the cartridge is lined with fly paper. We caught over 200 in 2 days in my kitchen at work after the custodian forgot to take out the trash over the weekend.

     Q2.  "How often would the cartridge need changing?" (Meredith, Australia)

     A2.  It really depends on your local fly population.  Generally speaking, we keep the trap in our kitchen garbage can for about a month because it doesn't fill up very fast. We change the cartridge in our curbside garbage can every 1 - 3 weeks during fly season depending on the local fly population, however, we are aware some areas of Australia have very serious fly issues so you may need to replace the cartridge sooner.


    Q3.  "How do I know when the cartridge is full?" (Dale, Florida)

     A3.  The screen on the Garbage Can Fly Trap cartridge is semi-transparent and has a lot of little holes in it so it is easy to tell when the trap is nearly full without having to remove the screen.  Simply push the quick-release button and the trap falls directly into the trash so you never have to touch a cartridge full of dead flies.  Then just snap on a new cartridge and you're all set to catch more.

   Q4.  "Why would I need to capture flies outside?" (Ken from the UK)

     A4.  Probably not everybody would but there are many who spend a lot of time in their backyard entertaining their friends, having BBQ's, etc. that don't want to have flies bugging them or their guests or even worse, landing on their food.  In addition to that, the more you catch in your outdoor trash the less you are going to have fly into your home.