New Product Launch on Kickstarter!


We recently completed (1 week ago) a Kickstarter campaign for our newest product, the Premium Dog Waste Trash Can.  We have already shipped our backers the trash cans they pre-ordered.  We have already received feedback from 3 of them and they all love it.  We hadn't realized the multi-use opportunities!

One of our backers has three dogs and he's excited to use it, if you can be excited about cleaning up dog poop but believe it or not, we're excited too! 

Another backer is going to use it as a kitchen compost bin because she is inundated with fruit flies.  Since we already sell a couple compost bin products for the kitchen counter we had not anticipated this use.  While this bin wouldn't fit on most kitchen countertops, we can see that it would be very useful to anyone who generates a lot of fruit and vegetable waste and will work just as effectively if located on the ground.

And yet another backer is using it as an office waste bin.  Apparently, they have a fruit fly problem at work.  I can vouch for its effectiveness in this area.  We use it in our kitchen.  We used to have 1 or 2 outbreaks per year but since we have been using it this way, we haven't had a single outbreak! 

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