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The pace of sales of the Garbage Can Fly Trap continues to increase despite a decrease in northern hemisphere house fly populations in the U.S. We think this is in part due to sustained fruit fly populations extending the fly season. We also have had a couple of great PR successes in the last few weeks. 

National Public Radio

We were featured in the National Public Radio (NPR) show, How I Built This. The show is relatively new, in fact, Guy Raz has interviewed less than 15 ultra successful entrepreneurs including Mark Cuban (Shark Tank), and the CEO’s and founders of Instagram, Southwest Airlines and SPANX to name a few. It’s a 30-minute show and it can be downloaded online as a podcast. We were featured in a 2-minute segment called, “How I Made This.” Thousands of entrepreneurs are requesting to be a part of this segment and we were the 4th to be featured. Check it out here: and begin at 26 minutes and 20 seconds to hear Guy Raz interviewing Dennis. 

Inventors Digest 

We were also featured in the magazine, Inventors Digest. Edie Tolchin, the author of Secrets of Successful Inventing and owner of EGT Global Trading, interviewed Joylyn and as you can see in the image above, we are the subject of the story, Leanest Fly Trap – Innovation At The Kitchen Table. Read the story here:

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