The traps have finally arrived!  The Grete Maersk arrived to the Port of Long Beach mid-August.  The traps were offloaded pretty quickly but they were tagged for a more in-depth customs inspection so they were delayed for another week.  Once they were cleared, Joylyn and I rented a van and drove to Los Angeles to the distribution center and picked them up.  It was exciting to see the forklift driver heading our way with pallets stacked high with our product. For a moment we panicked thinking there’s NO WAY that’s all going to fit.  Joylyn anxiously mumbled, “Maybe we should have rented a bigger van.”  We breathed a sigh of relief once we were able to break apart the pallets and fit everything in.  It was touch and go for a moment.  As you can see, we used up every bit of space available.

Until we have enough demand to set up a fulfillment center, our garage has taken on a whole new look...and we are using Shipstation software to print our own shipping labels and "stamps".  We started shipping the pre-orders the same day the traps arrived.  We’ve shipped several hundred traps and a couple thousand cartridges so far.  We still have a few left to get out so if you haven't received your order yet, send us a note.  

If you live in the San Diego area, we are selling the Garbage Can Fly Trap at the Ace Hardware in Pacific Beach (890 Turquoise St, San Diego, CA 92109).  Also on October 1st, we’ll be at the Pacific Beach Beachfest in Pacific Beach in the booth for the Crystal Pier Bait & Tackle Shop.  Come by and introduce yourself.  We’d like to meet you.  You can also visit our website at 

Last, we would love to see how the Garbage Can Fly Trap is helping you in your home or business. Please consider posting pictures and/or telling us your story on our Facebook page

Thanks again Backers for supporting us on this journey that has only just begun!


Dennis and Joylyn

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