Since our last update, we have shifted our efforts from marketing to manufacturing. However, the Garbage Can Fly Trap was featured in the San Diego Business Journal on October 26th. It was exciting to see our story in print from such a reputable publication! The story caught the attention of the president of an equity investment firm here in San Diego who expressed interest in investing in our company. We appreciate the interest (and validation) and we will consider the offer as we seek to add new products to our company. 

In regards to manufacturing, we contracted a local design engineering firm to optimize the Garbage Can Fly Trap for manufacturing. This means refining the drawings to accommodate the mold manufacturing process. We also met with the VP of a manufacturing plant to discuss the manufacturing of the Garbage Can Fly Trap. We are scheduled to meet with the President next week when he arrives from China. 

We continue to work with the City of San Diego’s Environmental Services Department. They have tested the traps to withstand the city’s garbage trucks and moved several of the traps to homeowners for residential use testing. Our contact there has also introduced us to two curbside garbage can manufacturers who are “very interested” in speaking with us. 

And last, a second patent application was filed to cover the dumpster version of the Garbage Can Fly Trap for restaurant, condo and apartment use also discussed in the San Diego Business Journal article. 

We look forward to more progress and keeping you up to date as we build our products and company! 

Dennis and Joylyn

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