Fly Traps Shipping on Grete Maersk!

product updates

We are excited to share with you that our first order of Garbage Can Fly Traps are waiting to be loaded aboard the shipping vessel Grete Maersk which will be departing from the port city of Ningbo, China this week and will be here in San Diego in just three short weeks after that, FINALLY! 

Here’s a picture of our very ship! This really puts our global supply chain into perspective, doesn’t it? (This is how all that stuff we buy gets here).

The delay has been due to our initiation into all that is involved in getting our product onto a vessel like the Grete Maersk – insurance, import licensing, taxes and other fees in addition to coordinating all of this with a foreign shipping company and our manufacturer. Thank you for your continued patience.

Once we complete the initial pre-orders to all our Kickstarter Backers, we will be on store shelves in San Diego, specifically, Ace Hardware (Pacific Beach – Turquoise Street). 

Thanks again for hating flies and for believing in us!

Cheers, Dennis and Joylyn



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